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How to Get rid of Irregular Periods Problem

How to Get rid of Irregular Periods Problem
Irregular Periods
Having irregular periods can mean a variation the number of days you have your period or that your period arrives early, late or even skips a few months. Irregular bleeding can make you feel a bit all over the place, but regulating your period is easier than you may think.
We break it down into three common causes, and three easy solutions!
Irregular periods: what does irregular mean?
The average length of a Menstrual Cycle is around 28 days, and menstrual bleeding usually lasts between 2- 7 days. If your period varies from the average length and flow, your period may be irregular.
Don’t worry, irregular periods are common and a missed period does not always mean something serious. Most women will experience some irregular bleeding in their life, the causes are common and the solutions very simple.
3 Common causes for a missed period
Why is my period late? Your cycle is controlled by hormones, which if imbalanced can cause irregularities to your cycle and period flow. The most common causes of hormone imbalance:

Stress and a hectic lifestyle can release stress hormones, which can disrupt your usual cycle and cause a late period.
ΓΌDiet and unhealthy eating can impact your body and your flow.
Similarly, weight loss or gain can make changes to your period.
Contraception; hormonal birth control methods such as the pill or the injection can affect your period.
Irregular periods can sometimes be a sign of pregnancy. If you think you could be pregnant, see your doctor for a consult.
3 Easy solutions
There are different ways to balance your hormones and manage irregular menstruation. Top solutions:

Relax after work and make time to de-stress. Try yoga, a hot bath 
or reading a book.
Eat well all month. Getting the right vitamins during menstruation 
is especially important.
Menstrual cups can make managing irregular periods easy 
They are reusable, so you won’t run out of products.
Cups are made from a healthy material, so they don’t dry you out.
If your period is heavy, they are a good solution due to their higher
       Comparison: Ruby Cup vs.        pads and tampons.
        Let‘s look at the other period  products, and see how they  compare. We compare the  things that you need, and the  things that matter most during  your period:

Ruby Cup vs. pads:
Once inserted, you don’t see or feel it the Ruby Cup.
no skin irritations or rashes.
Ruby Cup vs. tampons:
No toxins, bleaches or other chemicals inside your vagina.
Ruby Cup collects the blood and doesn’t not dry you out like a         
Drastically decreases the risk of yeast and other infections.

Basically invisible – no fear of that blue string peeking out.
no dampness.

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